Art & Publications in web3: Interview with Timbvctoo Magazine

Art & Publications in web3: Interview with Timbvctoo Magazine


Tell us about your work...

Timbuctoo Magazine is a quarterly print publication devoted to providing an illuminating insight into the creative process of Eric Wesley, one of California's most renowned contemporary artists.

How did you come up with the idea for Timbvctoo?

When we were kids (pre-digital) Magazines were an important way to learn about the world outside of the place we each grew up.  Geographically, Timbuctoo the site is hard to get to. So a magazine about that place seemed an obvious fit.

“Web3 opens up ways to connect with our audience and support creative projects in a new way.”

What pushed you to become creators in web3?

I think everyone would agree that an artist's publishing concern is not the most practical business in 2022. Web3 allows us to support creative projects just by simply connecting with our audience.

What are the use cases and benefits of being a $TBT holder and what would you like to see from the community?

Timbvctoo Magazine is an experiment, as is $TBT. Right now we're using $TBT as currency in our shop and as an easy way to connect with people while we wait for the first issue of our magazine to launch. We also just heard that some other social coin is trying to buy an old favorite bar Hop Louie, we'd like to beat them to it.


How has the web3 journey been so far?

There are so many open questions about this space, so many possibilities, and so much left to be created.

Where can people find you? 

Facebook: TimbvctooMag


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