Bonfire Creator Use Cases

Use CaseTagsExampleLink to Product GuideNotes
Offer coin airdrops directly in Discord Channel
Token Airdrops
Distribute coins via !coin Rally command directly in Discord channel.
Token-gate bounties
Token-gate bounties so only your superfans can complete a submission
Create weekly bounties
Every week you can launch a new bounty to engage your community in fresh ways, Authenticity is launching weekly bounties where members can earn $AUTH coins. New bounties are announced on their newsletter and social channels.
Offer coin airdrops IRL through printed media
Token AirdropsEvents
Distribute coins IRL by printing QR codes and physically handing them out
Token-gate access to a live streamed event
Token-gate access to a streamed event on Vimeo, Youtube or Twitch Check out how Mashibeats is token-gating monthly remix livestreams for community members.
You can embed a private livestream using vimeo (requires paid tier), or you can also embed livestreams from youtube/twitch but they wouldn’t really be private (they can also be accessed via YT/Twitch) in our CMS
Token-gate access to a survey or rsvp form
Token-gate access to a survey to gather data from your fans or an rsvp form for an event
You can embed a google or Airtable form into a token-gated page in our CMS
Token-gate access to your calendar for 1:1s or group meetings
Token-gate access to your calendar so certain superfans can schedule meets with you
For now you can embed your calendar booking link from cal.com  (calendly potentially coming soon) in a token-gated page in our CMS
Offer coin airdrops to specific fans for high engagement
Token Airdrops
Distribute coins to specific fans by sending directly to their wallets. For example, Twitch streamer Alliestrasza awards $ALLIE to community members who participate in her tournaments!
Token-gate access to your discord
Token-gate your discord server so only certain members get access
Upcoming feature - for now you can use Rally bot for Rally creators, and collab.land or guild.xyz on the eth
Token-gate access to a ticketed event (via ticketing platform like Eventbrite)
Token-gate access to an event your hosting IRL or in the metaverse
WIP (promo codes) or if on Eth use lu.ma
Offer governance and voting power
Allow community members to vote and have governing power over the overall community. Check out how Daniel Allan has used his $OVERSTIM token and NFTs to launch a DAO where token-holders have voting power.
For now you can give governance power using https://snapshot.org/
Offer coin airdrops in your newsletter
Token AirdropsContent
Distribute coins at the end of your newsletter by sharing a link or QR code
Token-gate access to behind the scenes content
Token-gate access to behind the scenes content you’re fans would love to see
Offer bounties for anything
Reward your community for contributing and give them a chance to earn tokens
Offer coin airdrops during live stream/event
Token AirdropsContentEvents
Distribute coins during a timed event online or IRL
Token-gate access to discounted presale for event
Give your superfans the chance to purchase pesale tix for a discounted price. For example, Odesza allowed NFT holders to redeem two tickets to any show on their recent tour.
WIP (promo codes)
Reward your superfans by letting them purchase exclusive merch. As an example, Metal band Megadeth has conducted exclusive merch drops for their token holders.
Let your superfans purchase limited NFTs