Food & Music Podcast: Interview with Greg Bresnitz

On Food & Music Podcast: Interview with Greg Bresnitz

Tell us a bit about your work

Hi there, I wear a few hats. I am the creator of Crescendo! which is a sonic menu podcast. Each episode has one of the world’s best Chefs creating a 7-course meal, pairing each dish with a song, to talk about culinary / audio connections, how their food is inspired by music, and other behind the apron deep dives. Season One just dropped earlier this year, with live pairing events taking place all over the country throughout the year.

I am the Chief Growth Officer for NCC, where we are building the underpinning tools for media on the Alogrand Protocol. Our biggest project is called the Song That Owns Itself (STOI), which uses micro-DAOs to create fractionalized ownerships in songs. We just launched STOI #3 what iconic hip-hop artist DMC.

In addition, I run the Cities program for FWB with an amazing team of cultural legends, where we are exploring the blend of IRL / URL decentralized community programming.

Finally - I contribute to a couple of other DAOs - Chainforest & CafeteriaDAO.


How did you come up with the idea for the $CRNDO community?

I have been doing radio since I was 18 & podcasting since the inception of the medium. While there have been fans over the years, it’s been really a one-way street, which goes for most creator / fan relationships. The idea of creating a $CRNDO coin, where people can invest to be part-owners is really interesting as a way to identify your core community. These are people who are going to care the most about what you are making and people whose opinions I value. It’s no longer a sole creator vision. While I might have started it, I want to engage with people who are invested to make the project better.

What pushed you to become a creator in web3?

Over the years, I have been a dj, radio host, made mixtapes, put out two eps, created hundreds of podcasts and made almost no money doing it. I have loved every moment of it, but it seems really broken that people who make art are told that they are “lucky” to do it and should not complain about the financial side. What about the platforms that profit off the art? Aren’t they lucky to have essentially free content to make them tons of money?

I call bullshit on being told creatives are “lucky.” The world is a better place BECAUSE of what comes from these people’s minds. Billion-dollar businesses are built by rent-seeking on people’s creativity.

When I read about smart contracts in the Blockchain Revolution in 2018, the whole world of possibilities opened up for me. This was the way you could get Droit de Suite without government intervention. This is how you can get direct investment into your work without platforms taking an outsized piece. Yes, it’s harder work on the education side, but I am always in favor of getting tools into the hands of the people creating value and allowing them to keep more of it.

It’s not replacing one system for another. It’s recognizing that what has existed is broken and there needs to be a better path.


What are the use cases and benefits of being a $CRNDO holder and what would you like to see from the community?

This is the great part about doing $CRNDO. Before it was: do the season, hope people like it, make more episodes. Now there is this really exciting follow up after the season where I can pause, build an engaged community and learn from them.

Right now, I am starting small. There are too many big promises in the space that are not actually possible. For early fans, I did an airdrop for 300 $CRNDO, which is the cost of my first merch drop this summer. People who come later can still get the merch by buying the coins.

Over the years, I have been hit up on how to create & sustain a podcast, which has resulted in a lot of free advice from me to people who went on to make some pretty amazing shows. Now, people can buy the coins and rent an hour of my time to get advice. It’s a fair trade at the right price and also shows that people are serious, not just kicking the tires.

Going to start here, see what the response is and build.

How has the web3 journey been so far?

For me, it’s only been positive. So many of the people I love working, creating, building, scheming with are in web3. I came into the space relatively alone and found old frens here. At first it took me by surprise and then it made sense as I began to understand the real promise. To be clear, I am not hooked by a crypto utopia where everything is fixed. But! On an almost daily basis, I am floored by what I am seeing that was not possible. Not to overlook the obvious, but the idea of uniting a community through a token, where everyone wins as value is added, at a fair % depending on investing (time, money, otherwise) where people can rage quit and keep their value is insane. That should be enough for us to stop and go, this is different.

The bad or ugly is just what comes with things that are new & popular with lots of money attached. I tend to stay away from that and just focus on the good.


Any sound advice for other web3 creators?

Make sure your core creation is good, regardless of the web3 piece. So much out there is a thin veneer of blockchain and zero depth under the hood. People get whipped up into a frenzy, buy into your vision and then there is nothing for them to latch onto. It’s almost better if you don’t do anything at all.

Actual quality is really missing in web3 at the moment, so just make something good, then engage in that layer, you will be far ahead of everyone else.

Where can people find you?



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