20+ Ways to Bring Utility To Your Assets

Creator Use Cases

Bonfire makes it easy to grow and engage with your community through digital assets. Need some inspiration? Check out these use cases for bringing even more utility to your social tokens or NFTs.

What Can I Token-Gate?

Token-gated content

Token-gate video, written, and audio content hosted on Bonfire

  • How-to guide for uploading and gating content
  • Example: gate behind-the-scenes work, audio samples, your creative process, and anything else that will interest your fans!

Token-gate access to embedded content

Token-gated streams

Natively token-gate access to livestreaming events


How-to guide for native livestreams on Bonfire and best practices

  • Example: Thread on what some creators are working on when it comes to livestreamed events

Token-gate access to streamed events on Vimeo, Youtube, or Twitch

How-to: In your Studio, embed a private livestream using vimeo (requires paid tier), you can also embed livestreams from youtube/twitch but they wouldn’t be private (can be accessed via YT/Twitch)

Token-gated contests

Token-gate contests so only your superfans can complete a submission

Token-gated airdrops

Token-gate access to airdrops

  • How-to guide

More token-gated opportunities

Token-Gating Events

Token-gate access to a ticketed event

Token-gate access to your calendar for 1:1s or group meetings

Token-Gated Community Management Tools

Token-gate access to chat

  • How-to guide - WIP

Token-gate access through discord roles

Token-gate access to a survey or rsvp form

  • How-to: In your Studio, embed a Typeform, Google form, Airtable or more

Contests Ideas

Create regular contests to engage your community in fresh ways

  • How-to guide for contests
  • Example: Authenticity is launching weekly contests where members can earn $AUTH coins. New bounties are announced on their newsletter and social channels.

Livestreaming Ideas

Stream live music production sessions
Stream announcements and town halls to your community
Stream a concert series or workshop with experts and collaborators

How To Use Airdrops Ideas

Distribute coins IRL by printing QR codes and physically handing them out

Offer coin airdrops to specific fans for high engagement

Distribute coins to specific fans by sending directly to their wallets. For example, Twitch streamer Alliestrasza awards $ALLIE to community members who participate in her tournaments!

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