Curated Drops on Bonfire

Curated Drops on Bonfire

Curated Sound Drops on Bonfire

How to create custom mint pages on your Bonfire site when dropping a new track or EP on

  1. You must first create the contract on
  2. Once it’s ready, go to Studio and either choose to Create a New Page, use our Mint Page template or add a Mint Block to an existing page
  3. Select a Contract if you’ve already imported it or Import a contract
    1. If importing, fill in the Network and Contract Address
    2. Click Import Collection
  4. You can continue to configure your mint button
  5. Add a Name, Description, Layout, Media Type and Image
    1. Note: The media to represent your drop can be your pre-reveal NFT image/video/audio, or not. Think of it as an asset to help market your drop
    2. You can always update the name, description, and media
  6. Don’t forget you can add more blocks to customize the experience even further - see more Studio blocks here
  7. Click Publish or Update when you’re ready to set it live

You can also create your own custom contract from your dashboard and drop it on your Bonfire site. See here how
Native NFT Drops on Bonfire

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