Import Your Collection

Import Your Collectibles

You can import POAPs and any ERC-20, ERC-1155, or ERC-721 contract on Ethereum or Polygon, and from Base and Optimism in just a few clicks!

  1. Go to your dashboard, click Collections > Import Contract
  2. Fill out the details to import the token contract
    1. Choose the Network
    2. Copy-paste the contract address
    3. Token IDs (Optional) means the contract you’re importing includes several tokens that aren’t yours. This usually happens with “platform contracts”, e.g. Zora has a single contract and they’re minting every creator’s token under that one contract.
    4. Nickname (Optional) mean we will use the nickname you give your collection over it’s official name
    5. Create Gate for this collection will create a reusable token-gate which you will be able to find in Community > Gates
  3. Click Import Contract

See our supported chains and contracts here
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