Import your collections to know and segment your community members in the Community tab. That’s where you’ll find a list of all your holders and where you’ll be able to create reusable token gates.



Anyone interacting with your Bonfire site is part of your Members list. Actions such as accessing a token-gated page, claiming an airdrop, and participating in a contest will build out your members. They do not need to be a collector or a subscriber. You’ll see your member’s actions in Activity.


Subscribers are people who've subscribed through your Bonfire site using the

. This means there's an email attached to their account.

You can download a CSV file of your subscriber or collector wallet addresses and offer them something in return for their support. For example, use it as an allowlist for your next drop.


Create a

Import Your Collection
to see who are your collectors, per collection. Know their username, wallet address, and email (if they have submitted it). If you click on a Collector, you'll see additional information including what their activity has been. They do not need to have interacted with Bonfire to show up.


Save time by creating reusable token gates using your collections. You can also collab with other creators and gate by their assets.


We’re here for you. If you’re struggling with the Community tab, please reach out on Discord or in our Chat (found in the bottom right-hand corner of your dashboard).

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