Passes enable you to start building a single unified and cross-platform membership community around your brand, not around any one platform. On Bonfire you can have up to 5 active Passes.

If you are not interested in Passes or want to hide your Free tier Pass, go to Settings.

You can create 4 types of passes on Bonfire:

  1. Season Pass: Create a Season Pass with a start and end time, perfect for campaigns, tours, and releases, and take control of your content production and event cycle.
  2. Digital Product: Create a Digital Product Pass for one-off single moments like giving access to an event, content drop, or keep it purely as a collectible.
  3. Free: Any fan that joins your Free Pass will be added to your mailing list. They will keep having access to all of your content that is not gated. A free pass does not entail a digital collectible.
  4. Gates: Token gate content any feature on Bonfire, using native and imported collections.


Digital Product

Create a digital product pass natively on Bonfire (Coming soon!)


Anyone who signs up for your Free Pass will be added to your subscriber list on Bonfire enabling you to collect email and wallet addresses. They’ll only have access to the content you make publicly available.

If you do not want to display a Free Pass go to Settings and toggle on β€œShow free membership tier.”

What to include in your passes

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