Lens Protocol x Bonfire

Lens Protocol

We’ve partnered with Lens Protocol to make it even easier to bridge your lens community to and from your Bonfire site.

Follow on Lens

Grow your community on Lens by using our Follow on Lens button. Just type in your lens handle and voila! Whenever someone clicks on the button they’ll be taken to follow you. While you’re at it, you can follow us @bonfire.lens!


Share on Lens

Next time you create a drop, you can now share it on Lens with the click of a button. And when your collectors mint, they can do the same! After creating or minting the NFT, just click on the Lens icon and let your audience & favorite artist know.


Lens Post Embeds

Embed free single posts from Lens onto your Bonfire site. All you need to do is to click on the Lens Post block and copy-paste the link you want to embed. Showcase your own Lens content or curate posts from other community members!


Lens Feed Embeds

If embedding single posts from Lens isn’t enough you can also embed a whole feed into your Bonfire site. Click on the Lens Feed block and copy-paste the handle you want to embed from. It’s a simple way to amplify all of your content.


Lens Collectible Posts

Beyond embedding free Lens posts on your Bonfire site, you can also embed collectible Lens content too. Just plug in the URL of your chosen Lens post and once your fans connect their wallet, they’ll be able to collect.


Gating with Lens

Anything that can be gated on Bonfire is now gateable with Lens. That means you can now gate your pages, content, contests, and threads by followers on Lens, collectors of a post, or users that mirrored a post! Check here for more information on


Pro tip: You can use the Lens blocks inside the
Columns Block
to add more content in a horizontal layout.

Creator & Community Use Cases

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