Credit Card Checkout FAQs

Credit Card Checkout FAQs

Let fans pay with ETH or use their credit cards to complete a purchase on Bonfire. Growing your fan base from crypto-native to crypto-newbie has never been easier.

How do I enable credit card checkout for my drop?

To enable credit card checkout on an NFT drop, follow this guide.

Can I enable credit card checkout for older drops that are still live?

Yes, as long as they’re still minting. Open up the NFT Drop tab, select the drop and click Edit. This should take you back to the NFT creation process where you can scroll down to Buy with Credit Card. Click Verify, follow the KYC process and toggle on Enable Buy with Card.

How many times will I be required to go through the identity verification process?

Only once.

How long does it take for payments to be verified?

Verification might take up to 24 hours to be completed.

Will I be paid in fiat?

No, credit card payments will function the same as ETH payments. This means the ETH will go into the NFT contract and you as the creator will need to withdraw it from there.

What are the transaction & gas fees associated with bridging from fiat to crypto?

$0.3 per token. Gas fees depend on the chain the NFT is on.

Is there a transaction limit in fiat?

There’s always up to a 24-hour verification process, with a $1k limit until it’s approved (and no cap after that).

What currencies are accepted?


Do all contracts work with Credit Card Checkout?

No, please consult this page for more information.

Will I still have a collector’s wallet address for future airdrops?

Yes, to complete a purchase on Bonfire, any user will require a wallet. A Bonfire Wallet will automatically be created for fans who sign in via email. And as usual, you’ll have the wallet address of any holder with a crypto wallet.

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