Import Custom Contracts

Import Custom Contracts

Create your own contract on protocols like Zora, Decent, Mintplex, & Sound build out a personalized minting experience through Bonfire. No coding experience needed!

The advantage of creating your own contract through Zora, Decent, Mintplex and Sound.xyz is that you can easily and affordably build it exactly to your wants and needs, using no code.

How to import a contract

  1. Go to Drops > NFT Drops
  2. Click Create NFT Drop > Import Contract
  3. Select the network
  4. Copy and paste the contract address
  5. Click Import Collection
  6. Fill out your collection details
    1. Description
    2. Secondary Marketplace link (you can come back to this after minting out, so that your fans can buy from this link)
    3. Upload media (choose from visual, audio or video)
    4. click Submit
  7. Optional - Associate rewards with your Drop by clicking Add Rewards - choose from Pages, Content, or Custom rewards
    1. Page will give holders access to gated pages - just click on the pages you’d like to select
    2. Audio will give holders access to gated audio - just click on the audio you’d like to select
    3. Video will give holders access to gated videos - just click on the videos you’d like to select
    4. Custom will give holders access to private links, text or promo codes - just type in the text or choose Promo Code
  8. Optional - Enable Credit Card Checkout by clicking Verify (follow the KYC process. This will require an ID) and toggle on Enable Buy with Card. For more information on Credit Card Checkout, review this FAQ section.
  9. Now share your collection directly with your fans or on social!
Use the mint block to create your own minting page and/or the collector block to showcase your collectors.

Contracts on Zora

Visit Zora and follow their onboarding steps

Contracts on Decent (The Box)

Visit Decent and follow their onboarding steps

To use The Box, complete the contract creation on Decent, then import that contract address to Bonfire. The advantage of using The Box is that it eliminates the hassle of cross-chain transactions, allowing one-tap payments made possible through built-in bridging, automatic swaps, and seamless secondary sales so there's no more need to redirect to 3rd-party platforms after the primary sale is sold out.

More info here: bonfire.page/the-box

Contracts on Mintplex

Visit Mintplex and follow their onboarding steps

Contracts on Sound

Visit Sound.xyz and follow their onboarding steps. Alternatively, you can use our native NFT Drops feature on Sound Protocol

We have a referral feature to boost earnings. Share your custom Bonfire link and earn a 5.27% fee on each primary sale you generate from Sound drops!

Create a custom mint page for your drop

  1. Go to Pages
  2. Select or create a new page
  3. Click Mint block > Import Contract
  4. Choose the Network and copy-paste the contract address
  5. Click Import Contract
  6. Now that your NFT drop has been added to your page, you can add any other blocks to create a custom minting experience.
  7. Once you’re happy with your page click Publish Page

You can also create your own custom contract from your dashboard and drop it on your Bonfire site. See here how
Native NFT Drops on Bonfire

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