Gated Livestream

Gated Livestream

How to share, record, and even gate a Livestream on Bonfire.

To use this feature you must first download a broadcasting software like OBS Studio, StreamLabs or StreamElements.

Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Go to Content > Livestream
  2. The first time you go live, you’ll need to set up your stream by giving it a name and description (optional)
  3. After setting up your stream, you’ll be given a Server URL and Stream Key. These credentials are how you’ll connect your Bonfire Stream to the broadcasting software of your choosing (e.g. OBS or StreamLabs)
  4. To connect the broadcasting software or to Bonfire, you’ll be asked to input your Server URL and Stream Key
  5. Copy-paste these credentials from your dashboard, which you can find beneath your stream in the Livestream tab
  1. Now that you’ve connected the broadcasting software to Bonfire, you can start streaming. Use software to control the stream and click Start Streaming once you’re ready
  2. Go back to Bonfire to view your stream (this might take a minute to load)
You have the option to change the name and description of your Stream channel, you can also record and token-gate it
  1. Go to Pages, choose a page or create a new one and then go Back to Studio Menu > Blocks and add a Livestream block to the page
  2. Add any block to your page to customize it and don’t forget to fill out your page settings
  3. Make sure you’ve filled out your page Settings and chosen your Style, all found under the Studio Menu
  4. Click Publish

How to add a chat to your stream

If your community uses Discord, you can embed a Discord channel beneath your livestream to add chat functionality to your token-gated stream using WidgetBot. Here’s how:

Now that you’ve set up your livestream, check out these 10 tips to help you take your gated streams to the next level.

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