NFT Trait-Based Gating

How to create gates using your NFT Traits.

In this guide, we go over the process of creating gates using your NFT collection Traits.

  1. Go to Gates.
  2. Click Create Gate.
  3. Give your gate a name. This will make it easier to recognize later as you add more gates.
  4. Choose between All requirements or Any of the requirements.
  5. Click Add Requirement.
  6. Choose the Network where your contract was deployed.
  7. Enter your contract address.
  8. From the additional requirement sections, choose Traits.
  9. Add the Trait Name and Trait Value*
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click Add Gate.

Congrats! You’ve created your first NFT Trait-Based Gate. This gate is now usable across all our features for token gating Content, NFT Drops, Contests, Threads, and Pages.

*You can find your NFT collection trait names and values on market places like Opensea, Zora, Rarible, Looksrare, Blur, etc. Alternatively, for advanced users, you can find NFT Traits by looking up your token URI on Etherscan.

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